ITV’s This Time Next Year

Could you change your life in just a year? That’s what people set out to do on ITV’s This Time Next Year! The popular television series, hosted by Davina McCall, features people from many walks of life setting out to achieve a better quality life with their year-long challenge. Weight loss is an important goal for many, and unsurprisingly, Bodychef have been called on to help several people lose weight, improve their eating habits and overhaul their lifestyles.

Robin Dixon

Robin lost an impressive 10 stone on ITV’s ‘This Time Next Year’ with Davina McCall.

He stayed with Bodychef and lost a further 2 stone afterwards! Hear what he had to say about his time with Bodychef..

Sharon Martin

Sharon made a huge difference to her health and lifestyle with Bodychef. In her time on ITV’s ‘This Time Next Year’, she lost 6 stone!

Hear about her journey!

Chris Peters

Chris lost 6 stone in his year-long challenge, and he enjoyed it a lot more than most on your typical diet!

Chris has always wanted to be on TV and now he has! By combining his Bodychef plan with an exercise routine he lost 6 stone and changed his life!


Our most recent customer to appear on ITV’s This Time Next Year, Gabby struggled to keep to her diet plan, but still lost 4 stone and 8 pounds and no longer gets out of breath marching with her band.