10 Best Foods To Shed The Pounds!

Making sure to get your fill of water is a great way to lose weight. But that doesn’t always mean endless glasses of the stuff!

Many fruits and vegetables have high water contents, and studies show that getting plenty of them can fill you up for longer. Why not try adding some of our top ten fruits and veggies to your diet? They’re all at least 90% water!

BroccoliOrganic Food

Not just a great source of water, Broccoli is also rich in fiber and calcium.

At their best between October and April, catch them in season when they’re most nutritionally rich!


One of the most versatile veg, cabbage can also be an excellent source of Vitamin C.


A superb fruit for heart health, grapefruit is rich in Vitamin C, folic acid, potassium and fibres. Why not try one cut up in a salad?

The heavier the fruit, the juicier it’ll be!


At just 60 calories per pound, lettuce is already high on every dieter’s list! Get your fill of B vitamins, folic acid, manganese and other essential nutrients.

You’ll find more vitamins in dark green, pink, purple or red leaf varieties!



A small vegetable with a big kick, these brightly coloured salad favourites are packed with potassium, folic acid and antioxidants.

Don’t forget: the leafy green tops contain six times the vitamin C and more calcium than the roots!


Raw, roasted or steamed, cauliflower florets are rich in folates and Vitamin C.Dieting Vegetable

Get them at their best between June and October!


Rich in iron, packed with flavour, Spinach is a healthy addition to plenty of meals. Along with iron and plenty of water, you’ll find folic acid, vitamin C and a great source of fibre.

Green PeppersGreen Peppers

They might look dense and hearty, but bell peppers are packed full of water! Green peppers aren’t just great for your waistline, but they also pack a ton of antioxidants.


Everybody’s favourite summer veggie, cucumber has a higher concentration of water, 96%, than any other food!

Already a salad staple, why not try whipping up a refreshing cucumber soup?


Celery’s famous negative calories may be an urban myth, but it’s not far from the truth: each stalk only contains 6 calories! Despite that low calorie count, celery is a great way to fill up and stay full for longer!