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Which Of Our Diet Plans Is Right For You?

Our Bodychef diet plans are the first step towards a healthier new you. We want to support you in achieving your weight loss goals with our selection of healthy diet plans. Whatever your diet goal, you can simply select from our range of diet plans, personalise to your tastes and watch the weight fall off!

As the UK’s first diet delivery service, we’ve been delivering fresh, healthy diets to help our customers lose weight since 2002. We have over 20 delicious diet plans in our Bespoke range that you can personalise to your exact needs, each full of healthy meals made with real, fresh food.

We cater to our customer’s individual tastes and preferences, we offer the most customisable meal plans, for all lifestyle choices and preferences. No one else comes close! Whether there’s an ingredient that you don’t like, a meal you’d rather substitute, or something you’re allergic to, you can customise your diet plan down to the dish to make sure you love the food you’re eating, as well as the results!

Choose one of our delicious, nutritious, total eating diet plans to price and personalise now!

Premier Diet Plan


Low Carb Diet Plan


Vegan Diet Plan

Gluten-Free Diet Plan

Low Sugar Diet Plan

Ketogenic Diet Plan


Flexitarian Diet Plan

Mediterranean Diet 

Paleo Diet Plan


Plant Based Diet Plan


Blood Sugar Diet Plan


Gastric Band Diet Plan

Flat Belly Diet Plan


SIRT Diet Plan

Superfood Diet Plan

Dukan Attack Diet

Dukan Cruise Diet

 Clean & Lean Diet

Summer Slim Diet

Winter Warmer Diet

Halal Premier Diet

Halal Low-GI Diet


Halal Low-Carb Diet


Mediterranean Diet

Vegetarian Diet

Low-GI Diet

Detox Diet

We recommend that all people, even those in perfect health, consult their doctor before beginning any weight loss plan.

How It Works


Make it your own plan


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Freshly prepared meals


Lose weight, feel great

What Makes Us Different?

Our very own Bodychef nutritional experts have carefully designed all of our weight loss diet plans, so you can be sure they’re perfectly balanced. And with your added personalisations, they can customise each meal, down to the last ingredient, uniquely to you.

Professional chefs in the Bodychef kitchen prepare all of your meals to our high standards. Using only the freshest ingredients, they make sure that every bite is as delicious as the last, whilst keeping the calories (and your waistline!) down to a minimum.

Nobody else in the UK offers so much personalisation for such fresh weight loss diet plans!