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Our Testimonials & Success Stories

Bodychef have helped thousands of people to achieve their personal weight goals. Some you might even know! We are a diet plan that is proven to work and we have the testimonials to show for it. See what our loyal customers have to say about us and their experience on our diet plans.




After only two weeks Antonia has already lost 5 pounds, see her journey so far


Check out Charlotte’s amazing review of how Bodychef helped her!


Carol was on ITV’s ‘This Time Next Year’ with Davina McCall and lost over 4 stone!



Sharon was on ITV’s ‘This Time Next Year’ with Davina McCall and lost 6 stone!


Robin was on ITV’s ‘This Time Next Year’ with Davina McCall and lost an incredible 10 stone!



Chris was on ITV’s ‘This Time Next Year’ with Davina McCall and lost 6 stone!*


Amy lost 21lbs with us: ‘Thanks to my stint on ITV I have lot another stone by carrying on with Bodychef.’
‘Best part of my diet? Realising that nothing is off limits if it’s in moderation!’

Martine McCutcheon

I personally love Bodychef – It’s really simple and effortless with many foods I love included and I don’t feel like I’m denying myself. I like to feel energised as well as look trim and I feel like I’m looking after my health too. It really is brilliant. Try it and you will see for yourself how great you will look and feel. I love Bodychef – it’s great for when I need to be at my best for something special.*
Martine was with us through some of 2012-14.


Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the quality and food enjoyment. Without sounding too dramatic it’s been life changing so thank you.


I was on the Premium Plan for about 6 weeks and then I went on to the Flat Belly Plan for about three (I think). During the summer I did the ad hoc delivery to help me keep ‘on the straight and narrow’. I weighed about 58kg when I started and finally managed to get to 52kg which was my weight before I got pregnant. It may not seem very much in the pictures but I am only 5.3” in height and I felt awkward and lost all my confidence for a long time.


James lost 9 pounds in only his first two weeks! See what he has to say about this amazing weight loss.*


I am so happy with my weight loss and am really looking forward to the party season so I can wear little party dresses! I have found it the easiest and tastiest diet by far! The food is so yummy and having a dessert every night really satisfied my sweet tooth so I wasn’t tempted to cheat. Having everything delivered to your door is so convenient and the meals are so quick to cook it meant that I didn’t have an excuse to order a take away, which I would have done before! I have never eaten so healthily and felt so good!

Thank you to everyone at Bodychef!


With Body Chef, it’s wonderful, this amazing home cooked food is delivered to my doorstep twice a week, and because it is made for me, somehow I am not constantly thinking about food nor am I wondering what I can eat next.

I am so happy, I can do this diet, I am enjoying this diet and I don’t feel as though I am on a diet – I don’t feel deprived.

I will definitely be recommending this to other people and I plan to continue when I can go back to work and hopefully burn off some extra calories with some walking!


Bodychef has overhauled my eating habits in a very positive way. While on breaks from the hampers I found myself eating more healthily than before without having to think about it and best of all enjoying it! This has allowed me to maintain my weight between hampers and given me confidence that the weight will stay off going forwards.

I cannot thank you enough for the experience.

With Bodychef it’s so simple; only eat the food delivered in the white box! If there’s something delivered I decide I don’t like then I change it on future planned menus and add it to the food exclusion list.


I am very grateful to you and your team for providing an excellent service over the last few months and for radically changing my health and lifestyle for the better – I have gone from a 40″ waist to a 34″ and feel happier and much more confident. Thank you very much indeed.

When I read that the diet was tailored to individual needs and delivered to the door, I was hooked. The main insight I have gained from the diet is the importance of portion control. I have been delighted by the variety of your hampers and the fact that the Bodychef diet is about eating well but sensibly. My diet success has generated a lot of interest from colleagues at work and I always recommend that friends with an interest in losing some weight investigate your diet programmes.


Just wanted to say that I think this is an amazing service. The food is lovely. I have done 4 weeks now and I have lost nearly a stone. Am so pleased!


I know I keep emailing you but I have been doing the box thing for 3 months now and still love it! The food is always amazing, really tasty and very varied and you’re always so accommodating when I am a pain and want to go off menu.

Have just been reading the flat belly diet book and am irrationally excited about trying something new! Thank you!


I’ve really enjoyed all the food & plan to replicate it where possible to help keep me at about this weight ( though I know mine won’t be as delicious!!)

All that remains, is to wish you all the very best for the future & I look forward to recommending you to everyone who asks how come I look so good!


Thanks Jayne. I really enjoyed it. Best diet I have ever been on. Hopefully I will not have to come back, but if I ever did… I would!


Just thought I’d let you know that the first part of this plan has been delicious and varied, making it an easy start. Thank you.


Things are going well so far – I started the diet last Friday morning with breakfast and am still going strong with barely any cheating (only an occasional glass of wine). I’ve gone from 9.12 stone to 9.7 which is a great start and continues to motivate me! I’ve just reordered another week too. My mother is so impressed she’s considering ordering!


I just want to say thanks for everything, its brilliant! Last week I lost 8 lbs and it looks as though it may be about the same this week. People are really beginning to notice it on me and I’m plugging you like mad!! I held up the queue in Asda last week while I gave the girl at the till your website address!! I can honestly say your plan if WORTH EVERY PENNY. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Roger & Victoria

Many thanks for the meals, we are enjoying them even more this time around! My husband lost a stone in weight and I lost 11 lbs certainly the least painful diet ever and I’ve tried most of them. I have at least another stone to lose and my husband just a few pounds really.


I am just writing to thank you so much for helping me to lose weight, over a stone so far, I am so pleased. I love all the meals you send, especially the vegetarian ones. I would like to lose at least two more stones if I can and want to continue with your meals. I think your delivery girls are so nice too. Thank you for visiting me the other week. I was pleased to meet you and sorry I had to rush off. I hope that your business continues to be a success.


I have been on the PREMIER BODY CHEF DIET for a week now and I must say it’s the best diet food I have ever tasted. It’s well balanced and very filling. I have so much energy and don’t have that usual bloated feeling. I also have a general feeling of being thinner even though its only been a week. I haven’t actually lost inches but have lost 5lbs!! I have never been so enthusiastic about a diet and never so eager to weigh myself.

The meals are all well presented and labeled as to what to have when and supplied with a menu so I actually don’t have to think about a diet at all. I’m looking forward to my meals on week 2. Thank you once again Bodychef.

Keith & Barbara

My wife and I have just completed 4 weeks dieting with the bodychef’s calorie controlled eating. We had tried over several years at various times to lose weight by following different slimming regimes to no avail. We had all but given up successfully slimming down. And now success at last. My wife has lost 11.5 pounds and myself 16 pounds. The secret for me was having your good quality fresh food delivered, a variety that was always interesting so that we looked forward to every delivery with anticipation, some of the desserts were out of this world. So delicious. An added bonus also was not having to shop for food drive on by as they say. So we can recommend your meal plan. It certainly worked for us.

Keith & Julie

Thank you so very much for helping me and my husband, we feel the food and the service is friendly, personal and totally brilliant, cannot praise you enough. For years, ever since I was a ‘little’ girl (not so little) I have had a weight problem but in those days it wasn’t bothered about ( I am now over 53 years old) I have spent a fortune on ‘diets’ so called and pills to only lose a few pounds and gain them back plus. Your bodychef plan truly works and what can be anymore straightforward and simpler than that. We both feel bright eyed and bushytailed and not sluggish anymore. We sincerely hope you go from strength to strength with your business and certainly recommend you to anyone to give you a phone call, nothing can be more easier.


I am a qualified pharmacist and am therefore fairly knowledgeable on nutrition. I felt your menus gave an excellent balanced diet. Obviously I could work out my own balanced diet but pressure of work does not allow me the time for this. For that reason I have found your system an easy time saving alternative. I even looked forward to my midday lunch. Instead of spending half the time pondering and then grabbing the first, most fattening thing in the cupboard. I hope your company continues to grow and the advertising goes well- you deserve it.


I really look forward to unpacking my hamper each Tuesday and Friday. As a busy person, working full time, its brilliant not having to prepare a meal when I get home from work. That was always my ‘diet danger time’ as I’d eat biscuits whilst waiting for dinner. Now its ready within 25 mins at the longest.

I eat my packed lunch in the college staff lounge, where other staff are almost as interested as I am to see whats in my box. Any way I’ve lost over a stone, feel better for the healthier food, even though I cheated while I was on holiday.


Just to let you know that I’m enjoying doing bodychef. I’ve lost 6 pounds in 2.5 weeks and feel very well and less tired. I like the meals especially the chillis and bolognaises, also the sweet and sour chicken. The desserts are great, especially the orange and lemon cheesecake and fruit fools, also the fresh fruit salad with meringue. I’ll contact you again nearer then end of the month.


It has been many years since I have dieted successfully. bodychef has helped me very much. I shall start again after my holiday. I love getting bags twice a week and not having to think about food.


I am very impressed with the quality of food and service. Many thanks for changing my life by enabling me to let go of the worry of food and to free my time to do what I really want and need to do for other people. bodychef has really changed my life and by extension ‘others’ too.


I have found the Bodychef to be both a convenient and enjoyable way to diet I dont even have to think about what to eat keep up the good work!


Love the food, love the service! A sensible healthy diet, that leaves nothing out!. No extremism.


Thank you very much for helping me loose 6kg the I’ve been carrying for two years now since my pregnancy.

The food was delicious and the service is impeccable.

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