Daily Price
3-Day Hamper Prices
4-Day Hamper Prices
5-Day Hamper Prices
Bespoke Plan Name1000/800* Calories1200 Calories1600 Calories2000 Calories2500 Calories
Premier Diet Plan£15.98£17.98£19.73£20.98£24.98
Vegetarian Diet Plan£15.98£17.98£19.73£20.98£24.98
Low GI Diet Plan£17.98£19.73£20.98£24.98
Detox Diet Plan£17.98£19.73
Blood Sugar Diet Plan*£15.98*
Gluten Free Diet Plan£17.98£19.73
Vegan Diet Plan£17.98£19.73
Winter Warmer Diet Plan£17.98£19.73
Low Sugar Diet Plan£19.98£21.73
Flat Belly Diet Plan£19.98£21.73
Mediterranean Diet Plan£19.98£21.73£22.98£26.98
Low Carb Diet Plan£19.98£21.73
Superfood Diet Plan£19.98£21.73
Clean & Lean Diet Plan£19.98£21.73
Summer Slim Diet Plan£19.98£21.73
Dukan Cruise Diet Plan£19.98
Dukan Attack Diet Plan£19.98
Sirt - Phase 1 Diet Plan£19.90
Sirt - Phase 2 Diet Plan£19.90£21.65
Paleo Diet Plan£21.50£23.25£24.50
Halal Low GI Diet Plan£17.98£19.73£20.98£24.98
Halal Low Carb Diet Plan£19.98£21.73
Halal Premier Diet Plan£15.98£17.98£19.73£20.98£24.98
Halal Mediterranean Diet Plan£19.98£21.73£22.98£26.98
Premier Diet Plan£47.94£53.94£59.19£62.94£74.94
Vegetarian Diet Plan£47.94£53.94£59.19£62.94£74.94
Low GI Diet Plan£53.94£59.19£62.94£74.94
Detox Diet Plan£53.94£59.19
Blood Sugar Diet Plan*£47.94*
Gluten Free Diet Plan£53.94£59.19
Vegan Diet Plan£53.94£59.19
Winter Warmer Diet Plan£53.94£59.19
Low Sugar Diet Plan£59.94£65.19
Flat Belly Diet Plan£59.94£65.19
Mediterranean Diet Plan£59.94£65.19£68.94£80.94
Low Carb Diet Plan£59.94£65.19
Superfood Diet Plan£59.94£65.19
Clean & Lean Diet Plan£59.94£65.19
Summer Slim Diet Plan£59.94£65.19
Dukan Cruise Diet Plan£59.94
Dukan Attack Diet Plan£59.94
Sirt - Phase 1 Diet Plan£59.70
Sirt - Phase 2 Diet Plan£59.70£64.95
Paleo Diet Plan£64.50£69.75£73.50
Halal Low GI Diet Plan£53.94£59.19£62.94£74.94
Halal Low Carb Diet Plan£59.94£65.19
Halal Premier Diet Plan£47.94£53.94£59.19£62.94£74.94
Halal Mediterranean Diet Plan£59.94£65.19£68.94£80.94
Premier Diet Plan£63.92£71.92£78.92£83.92£99.92
Vegetarian Diet Plan£63.92£71.92£78.92£83.92£99.92
Low GI Diet Plan£71.92£78.92£83.92£99.92
Detox Diet Plan£71.92£78.92
Blood Sugar Diet Plan*£63.92*
Gluten Free Diet Plan£71.92£78.92
Vegan Diet Plan£71.92£78.92
Winter Warmer Diet Plan£71.92£78.92
Low Sugar Diet Plan£79.92£86.92
Flat Belly Diet Plan£79.92£86.92
Mediterranean Diet Plan£79.92£86.92£91.92£107.92
Low Carb Diet Plan£79.92£86.92
Superfood Diet Plan£79.92£86.92
Clean & Lean Diet Plan£79.92£86.92
Summer Slim Diet Plan£79.92£86.92
Dukan Cruise Diet Plan£79.92
Dukan Attack Diet Plan£79.92
Sirt - Phase 1 Diet Plan£79.60
Sirt - Phase 2 Diet Plan£79.60£86.60
Paleo Diet Plan£86.00£93.00£98.00
Halal Low GI Diet Plan£71.92£78.92£83.92£99.92
Halal Low Carb Diet Plan£79.92£86.92
Halal Premier Diet Plan£63.92£71.92£78.92£83.92£99.92
Halal Mediterranean Diet Plan£79.92£86.92£91.92£107.92
Premier Diet Plan£79.90£89.90£98.65£104.90£124.90
Vegetarian Diet Plan£79.90£89.90£98.65£104.90£124.90
Low GI Diet Plan£89.90£98.65£104.90£124.90
Detox Diet Plan£89.90£98.65
Blood Sugar Diet Plan*£79.90*
Gluten Free Diet Plan£89.90£98.65
Vegan Diet Plan£89.90£98.65
Winter Warmer Diet Plan£89.90£98.65
Low Sugar Diet Plan£99.90£108.65
Flat Belly Diet Plan£99.90£108.65
Mediterranean Diet Plan£99.90£108.65£114.90£134.90
Low Carb Diet Plan£99.90£108.65
Superfood Diet Plan£99.90£108.65
Clean & Lean Diet Plan£99.90£108.65
Summer Slim Diet Plan£99.90£108.65
Dukan Cruise Diet Plan£99.90
Dukan Attack Diet Plan£99.90
Sirt - Phase 1 Diet Plan£99.50
Sirt - Phase 2 Diet Plan£99.50£108.25
Paleo Diet Plan£107.50£116.25£122.50
Halal Low GI Diet Plan£89.90£98.65£104.90£124.90
Halal Low Carb Diet Plan£99.90£108.65
Halal Premier Diet Plan£79.90£89.90£98.65£104.90£124.90
Halal Mediterranean Diet Plan£99.90£108.65£114.90£134.90
1200 Calories
Select Plan£12 per day

Diet Plan Delivered

Here at Bodychef, we want you to choose the best diet plan delivered to suit your individual needs. However, that’s not all, we also want you to have the best prices for you fresh delivered diet plan. Therefore, we have some great deals for you first time customers to snap up when you purchase multiple plans. When making your first diet plan delivered order, just enter the codes below at the checkout:

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There is an added delivery charge of £5.95.

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