3 Ways to Lose Weight

Let’s keep it simple! We look at the three core components for weight loss.
We all know what we need to do to lose weight, but we also all know that in the UK there is an abundance of food at our fingertips which makes weight loss much easier said than done. Your weight loss dreams and aspirations probably take up a lot of your thinking time.

Aside from all the potions, pills, shakes and even surgery intervention that claim to be a miracle cure, there are only three ways to lose weight.  To lose weight you need to:

Eat less

If you eat less than your body needs to burn, this will create a negative reaction and in turn your body will start to burn its fat store.

Move more

Burning calories through exercise helps to create a deficit, and will also assist your weight loss.

Eat right

Change the nutritional balance of what you eat to optimise health.


Over the last 10 years a range of home delivery diets have appeared on the market. If you are thinking of using one of these products, then careful consideration is needed.


A home delivery diet can help you achieve all of the above if you choose the correct diet plan.  Here at Bodychef we offer a total solution.  We help thousands of our clients achieve their weight loss goals by addressing all of the above.  Bodychef prepares everything for you, providing each day’s food carefully portioned and nutritionally balanced.  Bodychef takes into account all of your dietary requirements and personal food preferences, to ensure that your food delivery is not only pleasing to the eye but also to your taste buds.  Bodychef prepares all your food with fresh produce; it’s exactly the same type of food that you would prepare in your own kitchen from a set of ingredients.

Bodychef takes into account how busy and erratic life can be sometimes, and gives complete flexibility with ordering by asking for a minimum three day commitment and NO long term signups.


Our online advanced software allows you complete flexibility to manage your own food, and with a team in the office who will always be on hand to give that personal touch, you have all the tools you need to make a home delivery diet a great experience. Having all your food prepared for you gives you quite a big chunk of your day back to do some exercise, have some rest and sleep well.


Get some balance back into your life by choosing a Bodychef Home Delivery diet.

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