9 Healthiest and Unhealthiest Drinks

There’s a lot of focus on the food when cutting calories. But what about the drinks for calorie counting? Do you know what you should and shouldn’t be drinking to lose weight and control your calories? Drinks for dieting can be surprising, so check them out below.

Fizzy Drinks

Always a questionable choice. From colas to lemonades, all fizzy drinks are packed with sugar and calories. These should be steered clear from. However, if you really can’t resist, diet options do reduce the calorie intake, but are still just as high in acidity, so not good for weight loss. These are usually overlooked by those starting diets as they are just drinks…but these drinks contain more calories than some meals do!


The ultimate drink! With no calories water is the best choice of drink by far. This is the essence of life and will be forevermore. Need I say more…
But, here’s a tip. Drinking just 2 cups of water before any meal can ensure that you get your daily dose and makes you feel fuller, so you don’t feel you have to eat as much.


A conflict zone. Some juices have as much sugar in them as fizzy drinks! They can also be loaded with calories. However, they’re packed full of nutrients and antioxidants and can be great source of vitamins. Though there are better drinks for dieting, our advice is to pick your juice with care. Find 100% squeezed juices, NOT from concentrate or with added sweeteners. You can also dilute juices to slash those calories as well.


Smoothies are another surprisingly high calorie one. When bought from restaurants and sometimes from the shelf they can contain unhealthy extras for a sweeter taste, like honey or even ice-cream. To get the best out of your smoothie, make it yourself. They’re really easy! Just blend in a mixture of fruits and a little milk. Homemade means you control the calories and what goes in your drink.


Like water a solid choice. Known for its high calcium levels, milk is also very low in calories. It has a fuller texture and flavour than water as well, so it can be a nicer alternative.
But, be warned! Milk can be high in fat if it’s whole milk. To escape this unwanted fat, we’d advise trying low fat alternatives or alternatives, such as almond milk.

Energy Drinks

Calorie bombs! One of the worst drinks for dieting. Energy and sports drinks may have more added nutrients than their fizzy drink counterparts, but they’re every bit as sugary. Their high sugar and calorie rate are meant for fitness routines and sports, though many drinks them casually. Try to switch these drinks out for hydrating water and nutrient filled fruit snacks.


When you need a caffeine boost, coffee is much better than energy drinks. Black coffee is rich in antioxidants and calorie free. Studies show that drinking moderated amounts of coffee increases concentration throughout the day and mood. Some studies even suggest that it lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes. Just be sure not to over-consume!

Coffee Additions

By ‘coffee additions’ we’re talking about your syrups, creams and alcohol added to coffees. These are a terrible addition to a healthy drink. Syrups add sugar and creams and milk add fat, so that some reach up to 570 calories per mug; more than some meals! Steer clear and keep to black coffee.

Green Tea

Calorie free and another very healthy option. Some studies suggest it actually aids in weight loss, being high in micro-nutrients. Though, the effects of the caffeine and micro-nutrients do not last long, so a couple of cups a day is more beneficial.