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Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

Dieting should be fun and effective! You should be exploring foods that have a purpose for your body and taste great. This is exactly what the Paleo diet does. This modern diet takes inspiration from our ancestors, by using food that was only available to us in the Palaeolithic Era, before the advent of farming.

The Paleo diet includes lean proteins, fresh fruit and veg and healthy fats. At the same time, it slowly removes dairy, grains and pasta from your diet. With our Paleo meal plans, you can eat the diet our bodies were originally adapted to, whilst having freshly prepared food delivered to you.

Our chef’s task is to turn this simplistic diet plan into elevated and filling meals. Creating this modern twist on the Paleo diet has made this plan so popular. We bring you exciting meals such as one pot spicy beef, salmon and mangetout, chicken cacciatore and parma chicken with pesto.

The effects of this diet are far-reaching, from building muscle to losing weight. And with the ability to turn your paleo diet into a customised plan, Bodychef provide a unique service. Come and find out why going back to basics can help you moving forward.