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Chris Peters lost a stunning 6 stone with Bodychef* and went on ITV’s This Time Next Year to share his story with Davina McCall! We caught up with him before the show aired to see how he’s got on since filming and to find out what’s next….

Chris has always wanted to be on TV and he’s excited now! He’s had a gruelling and transformative 12 months and, like all the dieters on This Time Next Year, he’s looking forward to finally sitting back and sharing his success story with the nation.

‘There’s a drastic change,’ Chris says. ‘There’s such a big change from what I was to what I am.’ Going from 23 stone down to 17, he even admits he’s looking trim.

I can’t wait to see it myself – they stuck me in a suit! I’m all suited and booted, so I look smart.

Chris works as a plumber and he tells a story of getting his belly stuck in a man-hole on a job once. ‘I was panicking for a while and asked the customer to grab my legs… and then my jeans came down!’ He’s one to see the funny side, and loved telling Davina on the show, but he admits it was a wakeup call.

Talking about his motivation on the show, Chris told Davina what it would mean to still be around for his two daughters when they want to get married. ‘And then it hit me,’ he admits. ‘I knew I was going to say it – but suddenly I had to take deep breaths!’ He doesn’t know where the moment came from but he’s more than comfortable with getting emotional about his health. ‘I don’t mind a tear in the eye. It’s a tear for the right reasons, you know?’

Again, though, Chris is one to see the funny side, adding: ‘I makes good telly though! I laugh about it, but it got me.’

After a full year on his Bodychef diet plan, having fresh and calorie counted meals delivered to his door, Chris says his life has changed. His friends say he’s a quarter of the size he was and, among other things, he puts it down to education. Chris has changed his eating habits and he’s got a whole new attitude to food because, as he says, ‘with Bodychef, I learnt about portions. I now think Crumbs! Look at the portion sizes I used to have!

You are what you eat. And if you went and looked at my van it was all wrappers in there….

Chris managed to fit his diet plan around his exercise. ‘If I just stuck to the food, I was losing weight,’ he says. ‘But if I stuck to the food and did a bit of exercise, it absolutely flew off!’

But he was most struck by the dessert! How many diet plans include dessert? The Bodychef trifle was his favourite – ‘That was like a real treat! That sweetness!’

Chris really understood the difference in himself a week ago, seeing an advert for the show. He only caught a glimpse of his old self walking through the This Time Next Year doors, but says it was enough. ‘I was waddling really!’ Friends and family have all told Chris, since taking his weight loss journey, how different he looks and how worried they had been. But now that he’s got himself to where he is, he only plans to keep going!

He wants to get himself right down to sixteen stone, saying he’ll look ‘mega-fit’ by then! And beyond sixteen stone? In the long run, Chris is looking at the next level. He loves the idea of getting other people motivated and of helping them to change their lives.

And watch this space, he’s even toying with the idea of a dancercise workshop…

That would be a transformation wouldn’t it. To think he’s gone from a fat bloke to helping other people. I’d love that – to help other people.

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