Christine's Bodychef Journey

It was the run up to Christmas and New Year. I was aware that I was piling on the
pounds. When you can no longer fit in to your size 8 jeans and you have to go up
a dress size that is a sure sign that you are putting on weight.
The photographs were confirming it too. I noticed how much chubbier I was looking in the face. “Right, time for action”, I said to my self. However, Christmas and New Year
was right on top of us. “I wouldn’t worry about it now, enjoy your Christmas and New Year”, I said to myself. “I will sort my new diet plan out for the start of the New Year”.

In the mean time I was surfing on the internet when I decided to have a look at some websites for healthy eating that would give me some ideas on healthy eating plans.
That is when I discovered Bodychef. I browsed through their website and I gave myself
a log in. At this time I was a hefty ten stone and I was horrified that my BMI was 26.4. This was confirmation that I was overweight. Bodychef gave me advice on what I
needed to do in order to lose the weight. I created a profile on their website so I could monitor my progress.

I felt excited when the New Year came in. As a new customer BodyChef gave me good discount on my first hamper to welcome me as a new client. I couldn’t wait to have a
look at my new diet plan and see what was on offer to me. It was good that you had a good selection of meal options to choose from. I was spoilt for choice.

When my first order was complete, I couldn’t wait for that Friday to arrive. I eagerly unpacked the hamper when it arrived and I was amazed to see such a selection of different colours. The more colourful your diet, the more nutritious it is. What I really liked about it, was that all the food that was in the hamper was fresh. Most diet companies serve you nothing but ready meals but Bodychef all their food is completely fresh. Not a process meal in sight.

I set about following my diet plan. Another thing that I really liked about Bodychef is that all the food that was in my hamper was labelled with my name and the day of the week on it. It felt really personal. I put all the food in the fridge to help keep it fresh and I put it in order for when I was supposed to be eating it. The diet and the cooking instructions were easy to follow and it was easy to stick to because all the food in the diet plan is food that I eat on a regular basis anyway. I just needed help to teach me more about portion control.

I kept some of the food containers so that when it came to end of the four days, I could easily incorporate the diet on my days off so that I didn’t un do all the good that I had done in the first four days. I was always sorry to see Tuesday come because I knew that I was at the end of the week and I had to defend for myself for the next three days. I couldn’t wait until Friday came again when I could have my next hamper.

Over the next few weeks I was weighing myself to see how much weight I had lost. I was losing a steady two pound a week. I am now just over nine stone, one pound so I have lost almost a stone. I still have at least half a stone to lose. I want to get back down to eight and a half stone again. I feel really good and much healthier now that I have lost that excess weight and my BMI is now back in the healthy range of 24. I am no longer classed as overweight. I have so much more energy now but I know that if I can get back down to eight and a half stone again, I would feel so much more happier. With BodyChef, I can.*

*Results may differ by individual.