Christmas Weight Gain


In spite of all the fanfare, all the build-up, all the months of festive adverts on TV, Christmas only really lasts a few days. But those few days can nonetheless be catastrophic for your dieting aspirations. Especially if, like most of the population, you spend a good deal of it binging on chocolates, leftovers, and enough alcohol to leave an elephant with a hangover.

However, this doesn’t need to be the case. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to enjoy the festive season without too much overindulgence.

That’s why here at Bodychef we’ve given you a few ideas for cutting down the calories and enjoying a lighter Christmas this year:

-Avoid creamy drinks

Everybody loves a drink at Christmas. Unfortunately, the drinks many people go for are often high in fat, with Irish cream whiskey being a particular culprit. For this reason, try to go for a glass of wine instead. Or, if you’re drinking spirits, use a diet mixer to cut down on the calories.

– Tally your calories

Absurd as it may sound, the average calorie intake on Christmas Day is an astonishing 8,000—more than four times your daily allowance. Therefore, try to keep some kind of calorie tally in your head to prevent too much overindulgence. Don’t let it spoil your day, though.

– Go for a lighter Christmas dinner

Despite its reputation as one of the least healthy meals of the year, Christmas dinner doesn’t have to be bad for you. Indeed, turkey and vegetables are extremely healthy by themselves. Just cut down on the roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, sausage stuffing and, if you can resist, the pigs in blankets.

– Keep an eye on where you’re sitting

Something as simple as where you’re sitting can have a big impact on your calorie intake throughout the day. During the dinner itself, try to sit next to somebody who’s unlikely to leave anything behind. This way, you won’t be tempted to finish off their plate. The same goes for later on in the day. Try to avoid sitting near open boxes of chocolates, biscuits, or anything else likely to tempt you.

However, most importantly of all, remember that Christmas is the best time of the year to overindulge. So don’t feel too bad if you do end having a few too many pigs in blankets and glasses of Bailey’s.

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