Closer: Tried and Tested Diets

Twins Emily and Sophie Chinn tested Bodychef

“I’m a classic yo-yo dieter. At my biggest I was a size 18 and i’ve tried every diet under the sun; Atkins, WeightWatchers, Slimming World – you name it! I even tried diet pills for a year and lost 3st – but as soon as i came off them I regained most of the weight. I hoped having my meals delivered would stop me being tempted by treats and teach me what and how much I should be eating. I’ve worked out at a gym before, but my downfall was my hard work as an excuse to gorge afterwards. I knew I was overeating before this plan, but not to what extent! Before, i’d have a bowl of cereal for breakfast (I now know it was three times the size it should be) and cover it in sugar. Lunch would be leftovers from the night before, such as pasta with chicken and a creamy sauce – but a Desperate Dan-sized portion! And if I bought ready meals or sandwiches I would never look at the fat or calorie content. I was really shocked by the tiny portions in the hamper at first, but the biggest surprise was how much they filled me up.

On the plan, I would have cereal and raisins for breakfast, a salad containing a carrot and mango for lunch and then vegetable casseroles or tagine for dinner. I could only eat what was delivered and I had to work out three times a week. I emptied the cupboards of any food, so I wasn’t tempted to snack. It also meant I rarely drank alcohol and often turned down nights out. I would go to the gym either before or after work, and I really liked having the time to myself as I work in PR and it can be really hectic! I didn’t weigh myself while on the plan but i could feel my body changing and I had so much more energy. I was stunned when I finally got on the scales and had lost over a stone. I haven’t been 12st for years! I can feel my face is slimmer and have started wearing dresses for the first time in years. I would definitely recommend a plan like this for those who want guidance on what to eat. The downside is that, at £500 a month, I couldn’t afford to keep up the service, and I do worry i’ll slip back into my old eating habits.”