Company Magazine: Bodychef's Flat Belly Diet

Company online praised the customisable nature of Bodychef, as well as the manageable cost and ease of organising the meals into the journalist’s day.

Wanna choose your dream daily meals and get them delivered straight to your door? Hit up Bodychef! There’s a whole list of meal plans to choose from and personalise, plus thanks to their no-fuss online system, you have the control in the privacy of your own home. Company’s Natalie Lukais gave the protein-based Dukan diet a try and… well, she might never cook again.

“I can’t say I’m much of a dieter (hello Krispy), but I do like to eat healthy every once in a while. Problem? I’m lazy and although the idea of lean asian meatballs is très appealing, I’llget as far as throwing the mince in a pan. Needless to say, this whole system really worked for me. All I had to do was create an online account, choose the meal plan I wanted to try and then book in the day I wanted my hamper delivered.

I absolutely loved that I could pick and choose different meal options too, for instance, on Wednesday I decided I didn’t want the Oatbran Galette, so switched it up for Smoked salmon and cream cheese (two of my favourite things in life!). Then on Sunday, everything arrived in a nice big hamper, all labelled so I didn’t mix up my lunch with dinner.

There was also the added benefit of being able to fit back into my pre-Christmas-food-blowout jeans after just two weeks. Hallelujiah!

The best part? For a meal plan of breakfast, breakfast sides, 2 snacks, lunch, dinner and dessert, you’ll pay around £20 per day – less than what most of us spend at our local Tesco on dinner alone!”