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Halal Low-GI Diet Plan

Our halal low-GI diet plan is about reducing the glycaemic index (GI) of your carbs. This plan provides lots of health benefits such as stabilising your blood glucose levels, reducing your fat intake and lowering your risk of diseases. Also, a low-GI diet plan is ideal for those suffering from diabetes.

The plan incorporates a wide range of halal low-GI ingredients such as lean protein, whole grains, and pasta coupled with a whole host of fruit and vegetables. You’ll find a selection of delicious, filling ingredients which are digested slowly, leaving you feeling fuller for longer. Of course, this means that our halal low-GI diet plan is perfect for suppressing cravings, not to mention helping you lose weight!

If you’re interested in our tasty halal low-GI diet plan, then sign up today or contact us for more information.