Low Sugar Diet Plan


This plan is currently off the menu. We run some of our Bespoke Menu’s periodically, a few times a year. Please vote for this plan and we will make it more regular by popular demand. 

About The Low Sugar Diet Plan

If you’re looking for healthy, nutritious meals with no added sugar, then take a look at our Low Sugar Diet Plan!

With none of the empty calories found in refined sugars and flours, Bodychef’s Low-Sugar Diet Plan is a healthy diet plan with tons of benefits. You’ll find delicious meals, snacks, and desserts to enjoy every day of the week.

Included in the plan is a wide selection of nutritious meats, fish, nuts, seeds, and of course, lots of vegetables! The healthy meals are based on complex carbohydrates, protein and vegetables, but there’s still a small amount of fruit for added natural sweetness! Too much sugar in your diet can result in high blood sugar levels, potentially leading to chronic health problems and even diabetes. That’s why our Low Sugar Diet Plan discourages high sugar consumption. With such a range of delicious meals, desserts and snacks, weaning yourself off refined sugar couldn’t be easier.

If the Bodychef Low Sugar Diet Plan suits your lifestyle, then why not sign up now or contact one of our helpful team for more information.