Eight Great Healthy Baking Tips

It may sound like having your cake and eating it, but healthy, delicious bakes aren’t as far-fetched as they first sound!

Cake is an unrivalled treat when it comes to celebration and indulgence. For many of us, it’s our guiltiest of pleasures… but it doesn’t have to be! All our favourite cakes can be made healthy with simple swaps and tricks, so wash your hands, clear a space, and let’s get healthy baking!

Splash out.

Going for premium, high-quality products like snazzy dark chocolate or pure vanilla will intensify the flavour of any dessert, meaning you won’t need quite so much to fill up. The benefit of all that flavour will mean you save on calories long-term.

Blend in.

You can replace half the fat in brownies or fudge with silken or softened tofu, and you won’t even notice!

Beet it.

Beetroot is a great way to add sweetness, moisture and boost the flavour of healthy dessert. It may seem strange to go down the vegetable route, but finely grated raw beets are the most delicious way to reduce the sugar content of your favourite brownie recipe.

Can it.

If tofu doesn’t float your boat, try a can of cannellini beans or even lentils! Just puree your substitution
with a little water, and use it in place of half the butter or oil in your bake.

Whip it.

For a lighter take on cream cheese frosting, which is typically made with full-fat cream cheese and butter, try a mixture of 1 cup icing sugar, 1/8 block of low-fat cream cheese, and teaspoon of vanilla extrac
t. You’ll end up with a fluffy icing that’s just 59 calories per tablespoon!

Get Fizzy.

Most dry mix ingredients already contain plenty of fat before you mix in butter, oil or eggs. To get the same light, fluffy texture as your favourite bakes, try diet soda in place of half the butter. There’s plenty of scope to try out flavour combos, too: diet cola can be used as a subtle twist in chocolate cakes, and root beer (though less subtle, and certainly less healthy) is well worth a try!

Go With The Grain.

Getting heart-healthy fibres into bakes is always a challenge. But replacing half your white flour with a whole-wheat option is a painless way to get plenty of good stuff without your taste buds noticing the difference!

Crack Down on Yolk.

For a healthier and lighter sponge, try replacing one whole egg with two whites. Vegan egg alternatives are also worth experimenting with if you’re keen to cut down on your baking calories.