Elaine's Low GI Weight Loss Experience

Elaine Culham was 12 stone and 4 pounds on the 2nd of October 2015. Two weeks later, on the 16th, she had lost 5 pounds.*

*Results may differ by individual.

We agreed to sign Elaine up for our Low GI diet plan for 4 weeks to show the positive weight loss that can be achieved through Bodychef’s fresh diet meal plans. After just two weeks of eating the Bodychef Low GI meal plan Elaine was seeing the difference, and she’s only half way through! The Low-GI diet meal plan is helping Elaine, like many others, lose the weight that she wants.

The first half of Elaine’s trial have flown by and she has recorded her weight loss through the Low GI meal plan. Here is what Elaine had to say about her astonishing results after the first 2 weeks…

Hi jayne I know its only the second day but so far loved dinner and breakfast, feel really full, just went on to site to plan Tuesdays menu x

Hi Jayne just a note to let you know how I am getting on as I told you earlier I am enjoying doing this, I like the variety of food also not having to think about what to eat having it all at hand, even though I still have to cook for my family I am enjoying it. I am surprised as to how full I feel and am not craving anything at the moment I know it’s only been a few days so I may feel different by next week. I also seem to have a but more energy. So all good.

Thank you for the opportunity to do this.

Elaine xxx

Hi Jayne, found yesterday a tough day first time I have craved chocolate but keep drinking coffee in the hope it would pass also a small piece pineapple unfortunately I had to give in and had two small pieces of chocolate that seemed to help, hopefully today will be better.

Elaine xxx

Well here’s another update still cannot believe I am enjoying this and feel full had a good day yesterday went swimming and felt good. Not having a problem eating different food to my family which has surprised me I thought this would have. I look forward to meal times. I am not sure how will be on Saturday as will be out all day, I plan to pack my lunch and pick wisely when we eat out. I will keep you informed.

Very pleased with the weight loss this week so must keep it up. Went out early Saturday managed to have breakfast as normal, packed my lunch which I ate later, ate out but had soup bit naughty though as had a small roll with it then fish and veg no desert which I was proud of myself as normally I would have but didn’t feel I needed it. Naughty in the evening as I had some maltesers. Back on track today.

Hi sorry for not writing anything for a few days been a busy few days, all good loving the food this week had soy chicken and slow cooked beef goulash both were delicious, went out for lunch yesterday but had steak and salad then had my evening meal, hope that’s going to be okay. No issues not feeling hungry, loved having the muffins hopefully you will do them again nice treat.
Love Elaine xxx

Watch this space to see how the Elaine does on the Low GI diet plan! She has done so well so far (minus a small piece of chocolate or two) so we wish her all the best for the last 2 weeks!