Exercise Tips For An Effective Workout

The prospect of exercise can be daunting for some people as they don’t know how to work out efficiently and effectively. Luckily, we’re on hand to provide you with some helpful tips that will give your fitness plans a boost.

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Exercise Tips For An Effective Workout

The prospect of exercising can be daunting for some people, as they don’t know how to work out efficiently and effectively. Luckily, we’re on hand to provide you with some helpful tips that will give your fitness plans a boost.

Follow tried and tested routines

Of course, the types of exercises an individual will be able to complete will differ depending on a variety of factors, including age, weight, flexibility etc. It’s important to do what you feel comfortable with. Do a bit of research on the types of exercises that will be effective for you, whether that be having a consultation with a gym instructor, following expert routines found on the internet etc. As a general rule, to get fit you may want to consider these three types of fitness routines:

  • Strength training (free and machine weights, pilates etc.): There are many different forms of strength training so try a few different routines to find something you enjoy. Two short sessions of strength training a week will help tone the entire body, improving posture, core strength, muscle tone and joint mobility, plus has been proven to relieve stress and tension.
  • Interval training (high intensity exercise such as sprinting or other activities that push your body to its limit): This may involve alternating the pattern of your training, for example walking for two minutes, running for a minute, walking for two minutes etc. This type of exercise is proven to be the most effective method for instigating weight loss.
  • Cardio/aerobic exercise (low to moderate intensity activity, such as running, walking or dancing):
    Although not as intensive as interval training, this type of exercise can be just as important. This type of training is ideal for people who may not be suitable for high-intensity training, are recovering from injuries, or just prefer to take part in sports, social exercises etc.

Set realistic goals

A lot of people become discouraged when they evaluate their current state of fitness when compared with other people. Ignore what everyone else is doing and focus on your own exercise regime. Do what you can do and build it up over time. The progress you make will keep you motivated.

Build your fitness plan to suit your life

Busy lifestyles sometimes results in fitness taking a back seat. There’s a common misconception that the only place you can get fit is at a gym. Whilst gyms can be very effective, exercise can be found pretty much anywhere. You can complete multiple exercises, such as squats, push-ups and lunges etc., if you’ve got any sort of accessible floor space. This can be ideal for working areas such as the buttocks, legs, thighs, chest and arms. Increase the intensity as you progress.

Choose exercise you enjoy

Fitness should never feel like a chore so ensure you pick an activity you enjoy doing- this way you’re more likely to keep it up. There are so many different ways of getting fit. If you’re not a fan of the gym, try exercising outside through rock climbing, cycling etc.

Exercise with a friend

Find someone, such as a friend, relative etc., who has the same fitness ambitions as yourself. Complete your exercises together and encourage each other when things get tough. You’re more likely to push yourself to the limit if you’re competing with a partner.

Be patient

With any fitness regime, there are likely to be both achievements and setbacks along the way. Don’t be too disheartened if you suffer a setback or if the progress isn’t as drastic as you’d like. The fact of the matter is that if you are consistent and dedicated with your regime, you will see positive results – hang in there and you’ll reap the rewards.

Eat right and get plenty of sleep

Diet and sleep are crucial when looking for positive results from exercise – your body needs to refuel and recover in order to maximise the effectiveness of your workouts. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables which are high in vitamins and minerals and low in calories and fat. High protein foods, such as chicken, salmon etc., will aid muscle recovery. Aim to get at least 8 hours sleep to ensure you recover fully before your next workout.