Foods for Reducing Stress


The problem with stress is that it gives us the urge to indulge in comfort foods, otherwise known as stress foods. If a person is frequently stressed, these eating habits developed can lead to obesity and more serious problems in the future such as heart issues and diabetes.

Although we always eat more when stressed, this is not necessarily a bad thing as it is our body’s way of telling us it needs refuelling.  What we do wrong is feed ourselves food that is has no nutritional value and does us more harm than good.  Additionally, the junk food that you feed your body with provides only a small burst of energy, followed by a long period of fatigue.  By consuming the right foods when stressed, you can calm your body down and reduce your stress levels.

As long as we eat the right foods when hungry, the level of stress in your body will decrease.  The following ten foods are examples that will fill the void in your stomach brought upon by stress.


1. Milk (Skimmed or Low Fat)

Milk is one of the best foods to consume when stressed as it contains a helpful amount of calcium and B vitamins.  There are a number of benefits to drinking milk such as improvement of the central nervous system and strengthening of the bones.  Milk can reduce the tension that stress has brought upon your body.


2. Fish

Most fish contain a high quantity of omega-3 fatty acids.  These acids are one of the best methods to use for reducing stress.  Fish like salmon contain high levels of calcium and B vitamins.  These B vitamins are vitally important under stress as this type of vitamin is renowned for increasing energy levels.  Fish is also well known for strengthening your immune system.


3. Nuts

Nuts are a good source of energy and can play a big part in keeping your stress under control.  When a person grows hungry from stress, it’s often recommended to grab a small quantity of nuts to consume.  Nuts such as walnuts are rich in vitamin B along with E vitamins that help enhance your immune system.

4. Fruits

The majority of fruits such as oranges and lemons contain a high amount of vitamin C that is well known for boosting the immune system.  People who have a good amount of vitamin C in their body will feel less stressed and ably equipped to deal with any stressful events that may be thrust upon them.


5. Meats

Bodychef - Meat - image

Meat is a great addition to your meals when fighting stress.  Meat contains the elements iron, zinc and the ever-so-important B vitamins.  Although these ingredients can benefit you against combating stress, they can also be high in fat.  Therefore, you need to be careful with the amount of meat that you consume.


6. Cereals

Nowadays a lot of cereals contain large amount of nutrients that are essential in fighting stress.  Cereals are enriched with B & C vitamins, and fibre.  Eating cereal in the morning is a good way to keep the stress away.


7. Whole-wheat Pasta

Carbohydrates are an essential ingredient in a stress-free lifestyle, and can effectively reduce the amount of stress on your body.  It is essential, however, that you consume complex carbohydrates such as whole-wheat pastas and rice.  Carbohydrates like this will give you a long burst of energy, whereas simple carbohydrates will only provide a short burst of energy, followed by a long fatigue.


8. Fruit Yoghurts (low fat)

Low fat yoghurts are really good for you if they contain fruits.  The fruits present contain antioxidants that protect your immune system. They also contain elements that reduce your cortisol levels, allowing you to calm down.


9. Soya

Soya is a good ingredient to combat stress.  Soya is rich in zinc and copper, and they ensure that the proteins in your body are not converted into fat.  Soya foods will give you a better overall feeling and reduce the amount of stress on your body.


10. Liver

Liver is a very handy food to consume, especially when under emotional stress.  Liver has a high content of the B vitamins that assist in keeping you balanced when under stress, essential for dealing with emotional situations that may arise throughout the day.


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