Seven Tips To Spring Clean Your Diet

Bodychef have helped thousands of dieters lose weight and feel great! We’re passionate about healthy eating and we’re always looking for the tastiest and most nutritious options… that’s why we deliver all our meals, desserts, and snacks freshly cooked.

What ‘Fresh’ Means

A lot of people think ‘fresh’ just means not frozen. But there’s a huge difference between what’s cooked up in the Bodychef kitchen and what you’ll dig out in a supermarket ready-meal isle.

Fresh is all about the journey from field to fork. Our meals are cooked with freshly sourced ingredients, delivered and dished up snappily for your pleasure and your health.


Although frozen and processed foods can match fresh foods calorie-for-calorie, they can’t touch the stuff when it comes to nutrients. That makes fresh foods the best option to keep you healthy, whether or not you’re trying to lose weight.

Getting plenty of nutrient-dense foods like fresh salmon, kale, blueberries, garlic, or potatoes, is crucial to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.


Fresh food is also yummier! And that’s not just good news for your taste buds…

Did you know that eating tasty food makes losing weight easier? Dieters are far less likely to go binging on treats, reaching for unhealthy snacks or piling up a portion if they’re satisfied by a delicious, balanced diet.


Eating fresh lets you be picky! Whether you’re doing the cooking or you’re having everything cooked for you, eating fresh gives you the flexibility to choose exactly what goes into everything you have.

We’re unrivalled in personalisation at Bodychef: not only can you pick what snacks, meals and desserts are on your plan… you can even swap out ingredients that aren’t your cup-of-tea.

Alternatives – Frozen and Ambient Food

Frozen ready-meals, processed snacks and canned veg. Anything prepared and stored with months of shelf-life needs to be jammed full of salt, sugar or other preservatives just to keep it edible… And you can usually taste it.

Often, dieters are tempted by quick-fix diet meals, delivered in bulk and clogging up your kitchen cupboards or your freezer draws. But, in truth, frozen or ambient meals lose a chunk of their nutritional value while they’re being prepped, cooked and packed.

For weight loss, well-being and peace-of-mind, it’s always best to go fresh…