Healthy Easter Alternatives

Easter is a time where you are tempted with an abundance of delightful foods, whether that be an unlimited supply of chocolate or large Sunday meal. We have developed a selection of healthy Easter alternatives so that even if you can’t withstand temptation, your belt will be able to. Our selection of healthy Easter alternatives present a range of seasonal substitutes, which means you can enjoy a vast supply of delicious treats without worrying about gaining weight.

Chocolate Alternatives

Instead of buying conventional chocolate Easter eggs, why not make egg-shaped cereal bars out of healthy wholegrains? These could be wrapped with seasonal decorations and make a fun activity for kids. Egg-shaped cereal bars can also include your favourite fruits and nuts, or if you don’t want to stray too far from tradition, chocolate!

Why not fill plastic egg shaped containers with dried fruit, nuts and wholegrains – these could be conveniently placed around, so that whenever temptation kicks in you are equipped with healthy Easter alternatives to keep you satisfied.

Although they may not boast the same delectable shell, standard eggs can be used as a healthy Easter alternative to chocolate eggs. Eggs can be decorated with natural dyes like raspberry for red and saffron for yellow. Eggs contain approximately 6 grams of protein and are extremely rich in omega-3 making them an extremely healthy Easter food.

Your Easter meal does not have to be any more extravagant then a typical Sunday meal would be. Of course you want to make it a special event, but you could do this by producing a healthy yet delicious desert like seasonally decorated banana or oat biscuits. Even carrot biscuits could be made to make it that little bit more Easter like.

Hot cross buns are another Easter delight that people fall head over heels for. But typically they are not produced with the healthiest of ingredients. Making your own hot cross buns will also present a healthy Easter treat. Use wholemeal flour as a healthier alternative to refined flour and pack them full of fruit. The wholemeal flour will leave you with slow releasing energy meaning you will not be severely craving sugar.

Our list of healthy Easter alternatives will ensure that temptation does not steer you off the path of righteousness. Our selection of healthy Easter alternatives ensure that you can enjoy the Easter season without having to worry about a huge gain in weight. Although our alternatives may not have the same reputation as chocolate, they are extremely fun and exciting, and will evoke a sense of interest and curiosity within those who see them.  Why not make healthy Easter alternatives this Easter?

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