Healthy Halloween!

So, Halloween is once more upon us, and lots of kids will be going round Trick or Treating.


Here are some food-related Halloween treats to whip up.  These are not recipes as such, but ideas you can adapt for your own family fun, whether it be for tea time or for special gifts for visiting Trick or Treaters….


1.  Fruit ‘n Veg carvings

You can quickly cut figures into your fruit and veg; faces are easily made using apples, oranges and more.


2.  Ghostly Tomato Soup

Thinly slice some cheese on bread and toast under the grill.  Once done, use a cookie cutter or knife to cut into the shape of a ghostly ghoul, and set beside the soup.


3.  Spooky Marshmallow eyeballs

Ideally used for round mallows, square mallows are  just as good.  Use black food dye sparingly to create the pupils, and red food gel for the bloody eyeballs!



Have a great Halloween evening, and stay safe.