Heart-Healthy Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is one centred on rich food for a healthier lifestyle. Here at Bodychef, we offer our own version of the Mediterranean diet!

We focus on including key foods central to the eating habit of those that live around the Mediterranean. It’s heart-healthy, delicious and though its meals are light, they are very filling. It’ll remind you of sunny beaches and warming shores; it’s always summer on Bodychef’s Mediterranean Diet Plan. Here are six main points that outline key benefits of following our Mediterranean diet:

Heart Healthy Mediterranean Diet

1. The Mediterranean is particularly varied. Food originates from not just Italy and Greece, but also France, Morocco, Spain, Turkey and many more. This variation keeps meals ever changing, so you are kept excited by your diet meals.

2. Only the freshest foods are used. As with all of our diets, we only use fresh food when cooking and preparing our Mediterranean Diet Plan. Taste is kept at its best and food is at its most refreshing.

Mediterranean Diet

3. Rich foods are a central part to the diet. Our bodies digest rich tasting foods slower to keep you feeling fuller for longer. We include many rich foods like hummus that fall into this tasty category, so when you’re on our diet you enjoy delicious meals without compromising on hunger.

4. Continuing along these lines, there is a rich mixture of herbs and spices within the Mediterranean Diet Plan. We use exotic herbs to add a burst of flavour along with a wide variety of spices to give you an exciting tingle with all of our meals.

Heart Healthy Mediterranean Diet

5. The central foods on this diet are fresh fish and a mixture of seeds, both high in proteins. Bodychef makes sure to keep our Mediterranean diet high in both of these to make the experience as healthy and close to Mediterranean eating habits as can be.

6. And, of course, a key part to this diet is the heart-healthy fats. By using olives, nuts and some oils, we have optimised the benefits to your heart. The fats found in these foods are non-saturated and non-trans fats that work positively to the heart.