ITV - Amanda

Amanda loses 11lbs after 2 weeks on the Bodychef!*

*Results may differ by individual.

ITV’s This Morning: The Right Diet for You

ITV ran one of their biggest experiments to date, their unique weight loss experiment saw eight viewers try four different diets over six months – and the results have just been broadcasted.

Amanda, 31 was selected for Bodychef. She weighed in at 13 stone 10 lbs, had a 36 inch waist line and a BMI of 31.

Amanda found working full time and trying to eat healthily on a tiring schedule difficult.  So our Bodychef diet plans were perfect for her. Her food was nutritionally balanced, tailored and calorie counted to her specific needs. And because we deliver direct to the door, all she needed to do was heat and eat.

After just two weeks on the Bodychef diet plan, Amanda could see incredible results. This Morning reported a loss of 11lbs after just two weeks on the Bodychef.

Bodychef helped retrain Amanda’s eating habits, and taught her portion control. Before beginning her Bodychef diet Amanda was bananas for bread:

“I’d have toast for breakfast, i’d have a sandwich for lunch, i’ve got so much more variety in my diet now, i’m so much happier that I haven’t got it, i’m not fussed if I never have a piece of bread again”

After four months on the diet, Amanda lost a total of 13 lbs.*

*Results may differ by individual.

Find out soon how much she has lost after the total 6 months.


How much could you lose on a  Bodychef Home Delivery diet?