ITV - Nigel

Nigel loses an amazing 1 stone after 2 weeks on the Bodychef!*

*Results may differ by individual.

ITV’s This Morning: The Right Diet for You

ITV ran one of their biggest experiments to date. Their unique weight loss experiment saw eight viewers try four different diets over six months – and the results were broadcasted today.

Nigel, 33 road tested the Bodychef over a six month period, filming for the first three months and flying solo for the final three.

Weighing in at a whopping 26 stone 10lbs, Nigel had a 58 inch waistline and a BMI of 47, categorising him as morbidly obese.  Nigel’s weight impacted his health and his confidence, and his wife Amanda was concerned that he wouldn’t be around to watch their daughter grow up if he didn’t do something about his weight.

After just two weeks on their Bodychef diet plans, Nigel began seeing incredible results, losing just over a stone in two weeks. His weight dropped down to 25st 9 lbs.

Nigel works full time and found trying to eat healthily on a tiring schedule difficult.  Our Bodychef diet plans were perfect for him as his food was nutritionally balanced, tailored and calorie counted to his specific needs. And because we deliver direct to the door, all he needed to do was heat and eat.

So many of us begin diets, and so many of us fail.  Did you know that 1 in 5 people begin a new diet every day?

The Right Diet for You wasn’t interested in a quick fix, they wanted a long term plan that yielded results. Bodychef helps retrain eating habits.  Sometimes, this take a while to adapt to as Nigel expressed hunger in the initial weeks as he was re-learning portion control.

Nigel transformed his eating habits on the Bodychef. He went from eating a loaf of bread every couple of days to eating an average of a few slices a week. By adjusting his eating habits and eating a varied diet, he found he didn’t miss it.

After four months on the Bodychef, Nigel lost an amazing 3 stone 2lbs.*

*Results may differ by individual.

Find out soon how much he lost in total after 6 months.


How much could you lose on a  Bodychef Home Delivery diet?