Kate Garraway and Martine McCutcheon


Screenshot-2014-09-23-18.38.17When Kate Garraway lost 2st in just four months she proudly put it down to cooking healthy dishes and following a strict exercise regime.  But she forgot to mention that her dramatic weight loss was actually achieved without having to prepare the meals herself.*

Results may differ by individual.

Instead she received free hampers of specially prepared low-calorie ready-made meals.  The presenter decided to lose weight after giving birth to her second child.  She told New! magazine how she employed the services of a personal trainer, cut out chocolate and biscuits and followed a low-carb eating plan.

According to the seven-day menu planner in the article, dinner could be chilli con carne or chicken breast stuffed with spinach and feta cheese.  In the article she was asked: ‘Was it a struggle to start cooking healthy meals for yourself?’  She replied: ‘Not really, because I got really into blending.’  But rather than cooking the meals from scratch herself, the TV star has had a free hamper of pre-prepared lunches and dinners delivered twice a week to her North London home for four months.

Miss Garraway is a columnist for the magazine, which devised the plan for her.  The article suggested hers was a diet ‘which can work wonders for you too’.  She described a typical day’s menu, saying: ‘It could be anything from vegetable curry with brown rice to chilli made using turkey mince which is low-fat and high in protein.’  But she forgot to add that all she had to do, after a hard day’s work, was take the cellophane off the fore-mentioned meals and pop them in the microwave.

Bodychef, the company which provided the free hampers, had hoped that it would result in some publicity.  Jayne Ritchie, who set up the business eight years ago, said: ‘I was shocked to open the magazine and see my seven-day menu but not see any reference to me or The Bodychef at all.  I was disappointed because I felt I’d made a real effort to help her.

With Bodychef, all the portions are carefully controlled and everything is freshly cooked.  It just makes it so much easier.  Bodychef diet plans require no obligation or long-term commitment.  Jayne Ritchie is proud that her customers stay on their plans, because they enjoy the tasty fresh food and achieve great weight-loss results.  So why not get in touch now, and find out how a Bodychef diet plan can help you experience a slimmer, healthier and more energetic lifestyle.

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Martine McCutcheon Loves Bodychef Diet Plans


“I personally love Bodychef – it’s really simple and effortless with many foods I love included, and I don’t feel like I’m denying myself.  I like to feel energised as well as look trim, and I feel like I’m looking after my health too.  It really is brilliant!  Try it and you will see for yourself how great you will look and feel.  I love Bodychef– it’s great for when I need to be at my best for something special.”