Keeping it fresh at Christmas

We are now about to enter a period of generally excessive eating and drinking with temptation round every corner, whether it be mince pies in the office , or staff christmas parties or just all the tempting things on offer in our supermarkets. Alcohol will probably will feature quite regularly too!!

There is a way of enjoying all things seasonal without piling on the pounds and undoing any good efforts that you may have made in reducing your waistline this year!

Just follow these simple steps and not only will you feel better but you will be much healthier and brighter over the Christmas period

Enjoy all things fresh such as lean turkey and other cuts of lean meat. Nuts are an abundant superfood with so many qualities to help our heart and brain amongst other things.  Even freshly made mulled wine with all the relevant spices will offer a huge antioxidant boost. Remember my blog about how powerful cinnamon can be for your health?

Then theres braised red cabbage and all the lovely sprouts (honestly the sweet button ones are really nice and so good for you)

Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and  to stop bloating.

And if all else fails and you reach December 31st with buttons popping, well there’s always bodychef to make it all better again!!

Happy Holidays