NetDoctor Review

NetDoctor talked with Bodychef’s founder, Jayne Ritchie, to get a keen insight into some dieting tips and tricks that we can all use a little more of in our lives. She gave them inspiration for their 9 point plan to making healthy meals easier than ever.

‘Jayne advises considering your budget, as well as how many meals you will be shopping for at once.

“You can easily end up spending a fortune on ingredients only to find that you end up throwing them away at the end of the week.”‘

‘On top of base ingredients (dry stores, meats, boiled eggs and vegetables) have a few cheap staples to boost the taste and nutritional profile of your pre-prepared meals. Jayne recommends:

“Onions, garlic and ginger – all three are powerful healthy ingredients with great nutritious value and the addition of these three items into a meal can transform the flavour from bland to extremely tasty!”‘