Pumpkin Jam

A quirky delight, this is the perfect way to keep the taste of autumn alive! Pumpkin jam gives a special kick to sponges and tarts, or just spread it on fresh crusty bread. Jam along with our four easy steps.
Makes 4x450ml jars.


1.5kg pumpkin flesh
6 lemons
200ml orange juice (with pulp)
1 lime
100g fresh ginger
1tsp. ground ginger
1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
800g white cane sugar

Step One

You need to finely pulp the pumpkin flesh using a food processor. It might be best to do this in batches if you have a smaller blender.

Step Two

Heat a litre of water in the biggest pan you have and add the pumpkin pulp. Juice the lime and add that, then the zest and juice of all the lemons and the orange juice. Peel and finely slice the fresh ginger and add it with the spices.

Step Three

When the pumpkin and the ginger have softened, add the sugar. Stirring regularly, simmer the mixture on a high heat until reduced and thickened. If a wooden spoon reveals the pan when drawn along the bottom, your jam is set. Pour it out into jars and enjoy!

Tip: to get rid of trapped air (in the jam), stir it a few times in one direction before you jar it up… like a witch would.