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Coronation Wild Rice Salad

How To Make Coronation Chicken & Wild Rice Salad Recipe

Serves: 10

Nutritional Information

Typical values as prepared Per 100g Per Portion
Energy kJ5461,622
Energy kcal13388
  - of which saturates0.5g1.4g
  - monosaturates0.7g2.1g
  - polyunsaturates1g3g
  - of which sugars3.9g11.7g


Sulphites / Sulphur Dioxide


  • 500g Onions
  • 0.2ea Canteloupe Melon
  • 250g Garden Peas
  • 250g Unsweetened soya yoghurt
  • 200g Basmati Rice
  • 150g Light Mayonnaise
  • 100g Dried Apricots
  • 100g Wild Rice
  • 100g Green Beans
  • 100ml Red Wine Vinegar
  • 50g Tomato Puree
  • 25g Mango Chutney
  • 20g Curry Powder
  • 1g Chicken Breast
  • 1g Salt
  • 1g Black Pepper
  • 25g Fresh Mint

Cooking Instructions

1. Bake chicken in the oven for 30 min at 150 C until cooked, then cool and chop into bite size pieces 2. Sweat onion in a little water until soft, add tomato paste, mango chutney, and apicots with approximately half of the juice retaining, remaining juice for salad. 3. Blend the mix in the liquidiser or food processor 4. Stir in mayonnaise, yoghurt and curry powder 5. Adjust seasoning in necessary 6. Stir in cooked chicken pieces 7. Chop melon into chunks and par boil green beans 8. Boil wild and basmati rice for about 10 minutes, until tender. Drain and run under cold water to cool/ 9. Mix the rice with the chopped melon, green beans and mint 10. Mix apricot juice, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper to make dressing. 11. Mix dressing into salad