Sharon Sheds 6 Stone


Sharon Martin Weight Loss…in February 2016, Mrs Martin was contacted by fresh-food doorstep diet company Bodychef, who began sending her freshly-prepared meals twice a week.
She describes the diet plan company as a “godsend” and credits them for playing a major role in her weight loss.
“Bodychef have completely re-educated mealtimes for me,” she said.
“They were sending me meals twice a week for seven months, and I still got to have ‘treat’ meals with it – there was lots of grilled meat, fresh veg and pulses, but also meals like Chinese food and chilli.”
“I never felt like I was missing out.”
Mrs Martin, who now weighs 11 stone, says she hopes to lose a further two stone, but that she feels “absolutely amazing”.

She also says that her colleagues and patients, as well as her husband Craig, 49, have given her a huge amount of moral support.
“Everyone has been so proud of me – my husband jokes that it’s like having a new wife,” she said.
“I still see the patient who helped me up off the floor two years ago, and she was really taken aback and emotional when I told her she was the one who prompted the weight loss,” she added.
Mrs Martin also said she has now made sure all staff at Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership Trust have a proper lunch break.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that proper meals help weight loss, so by giving staff a proper lunch break, they will feel more well-rested and patients will also benefit from this,” she said.
Mrs Martin is now looking forward to going kayaking with her parents in the summer, now that she is comfortable wearing a swimsuit.
She said, “I don’t feel like a hypocrite anymore. Obesity is a real problem, but I am living proof that you can transform your lifestyle.”

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