Should You Give Up Gluten?

Why are so many people giving gluten free a go? What are the benefits, what are the challenges, and what’s the easiest way to get started?

The Benefits

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and most oats. Interestingly, unless you’re allergic to it, giving gluten up won’t directly benefit your health. Because it’s present in so much unhealthy food, though, dieters are flocking to try low-carb, high-protein, gluten-free plans, losing weight and feeling great!

The Challenges

Who wouldn’t like to kick that bloated feeling that comes from carb-heavy dishes like pasta and bread? Going gluten-free is a great way to shed extra pounds, but getting it right can be tricky. Specially devised recipes might be easy to find, but baking isn’t everybody’s cup of tea and supermarket alternatives can be pricey.

More importantly, though, a diet free from gluten isn’t automatically a healthy one! Many lack fibre and some are loaded with high-fat, salty or sugary alternatives, so getting a balanced diet is still essential.

The Solution

At Bodychef, we cook and deliver personalised diet plans from fresh, delicious ingredients. Our plans have helped thousands of dieters lose weight and gluten-free is one of our most popular. So why not save yourself the research and cut straight to the rewards?

Going gluten free with Bodychef means no cooking, no shopping and no calorie counting! Get all the healthy, gluten-free, delicious food you need to lose weight and feel great today!