Slim Down For Spring

It may not feel like it but spring time is just around the corner… We’ll be shedding our jumpers and our bulky winter coats before long, so getting your holiday slim down kick started is top of the list for dieters at this time of year.

Here are our top tips and tricks to get you back in shape before for the Easter break!


We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day… so why is it the first to go we think about cutting down? Skipping breakfast will only make you hungry and, with snacks so readily available, why take the risk?

Instead, try starting out with something that’ll actually fill you up! Whether you go yogurt, go eggy or you go old-fashioned with a hearty bowl of porridge, getting a decent portion of protein in your breakfast keeps you feeling full for longer! It’ll even turn your snacking back into a treat – not just a substitute for breakfast!

Eat Up

Kick-starting any diet’s hard, but all that winter warmer feasting makes this time of year the trickiest to cut down on your portion sizes. Luckily for us, nature’s full of answers… and they’re tasty ones!

Filling up on seasonal nutrient-dense foods like fruits and vegetables is crucial to make a healthy change to your eating behaviour. There are plenty of low-calorie snacks out there, but the real secret is to find something that fills you up without filling you out.

Try raw veg, like carrot sticks. They’re a great way to satisfy your appetite and have a natural sweetness that will even stop you seeking out those sugary temptations.

Snack Cleverly

We all snack. And going hungry only makes you over-indulge later, so why not snack smart?

There’s one fool-proof way to reduce food cravings. It’s not exactly what your body wants, and it’s not easy in the moment but it’s dead simple and it works: slow down.

Simply slowing down makes you more mindful of how much you need to feel satisfied. Granted, you might feel daft taking a whole minute to eat each square of your favourite chocolate bar, but this technique will let you savour and enjoy the treat 100 times more! Plus, you’ll probably find you won’t need half as much!

There’s nothing wrong with treats. A little good-quality dark chocolate is a great way to curb cravings! Not only does the stronger flavour give you more satisfaction for every bite, but its antioxidants have been proven to reduce the risk of heart and blood diseases.

Drink Up

A key reason people over-eat is plain old thirst!

Whether you’re stuck in the office, out and about, or relaxing at home, keeping a bottle or a glass of water with you is a great way to fend of thirst and hunger.

Mini Exercises

Longer exercise is always preferable. But most of us are busy and all of us struggle to jump straight into a gym routine… So what about mini exercises throughout the day?

How much time do you spend doing nothing each day? TV adverts, waiting for the kettle, or the bus? What if you spent that time on mini exercises? It all adds up!

Try skipping during those TV ads. Or run on the spot. Spring a few start jumps, even. Anything that gets you breathless counts! Packing in 4 or 5 mini workouts (two minutes will do the trick) could burn up to 270 calories per day – that’s a whole dessert!

And if you have the time for something strenuous, what about half a dozen squats, push-ups, crunches or lunges while dinner’s in the oven? Increase your reps slowly and you’ll tone up without paying out for all that fancy equipment!