Stress And Nutrition

We assume that if you have found this book, you are after some form of help in reducing the level of stress and nutrition you’ll need for your body. Stress is a common problem that we all have to deal with in our lives, some more than others. There can be many reasons why stress is inflicted upon the body; such as a person’s job, family or other events that occur in their life. A well known fact directly linked to stress is the food a person consumes as part of their daily lifestyle. Healthy eating patterns are proven to reduce stress levels and help prevent further problems in the future.

This e-book discusses how eating the right foods can reduce the amount of stress you suffer from. By incorporating good stress management and a healthy eating plan into your lifestyle, you can effectively prolong your life span and reduce the likelihood of stress-related illnesses damaging your body. The book also emphasises the importance of having a strong psychological mentality. A positive mental attitude and a strong will is paramount in reducing the strains on your body that stress can cause.

Profile of the author

This eBook was compiled with Jayne Ritchie, Founder and Managing Director of the Bodychef.

A bit about me

Running my own business and having three children of my own, stress is something that is close to my heart!

I’ve struggled for the past twelve years to keep my weight under control while maintaining a healthy diet and believe me, I have tried every diet known to woman!

I thought how wonderful it would be if somebody was there to take care of all my dietary needs such as my shopping, my cooking, calorie control and my portion sizes. With a service like that, I would be left with no excuse but to lose weight and feel great.

So ten years ago that’s exactly what I did, and I’ve been helping thousands of people reduce their stress levels, increase their feel good factor and taste success in losing weight.

After 12 years of studying and many months of planning and testing my diet plans, I launched the Bodychef in January 2003.

In just one month, my clients experienced significant feel good factors, with the majority of them losing around a stone in weight in their first month. I have now developed a wide range of diet plans that have proven to reduce stress, help people lose weight and enforce discipline when it comes to portion control and healthy eating.

Nutrition and Stress

Recently, we have been researching other areas of nutrition and dieting. Some of the topics we found were of great interest, especially the role of nutrition in combating stress. It’s a well known fact that nutrition plays a vital role in determining the level of stress that a person suffers. With this information in hand, we aim to work with people to help them combat stress through our nutritionally balanced diets.

We provide the highest quality meals every day to ensure the person will not only lose weight, but give their body all the vital nutrients it needs to function at its optimum. Many of our clients continue to use the Bodychef plan well after they have achieved their target weight for convenient healthy eating.

We have designed our services to remove most of the obstacles people face when trying to lose weight and adopt a healthier, less stressed life style. Just heat and eat the fresh diet plans we prepare and deliver direct to your door twice a week.

This e-book is the first of a series we have compiled to give you the information you may require to live a healthier, happier and longer life.

Jayne Ritchie – Bodychef founder