Surprising Winter Warmers

Winter’s drawing in and as the cold bites, so should you! At this time of year, we’re all keen to get cosy with a bowl of soup or chow down on a fresh and steamy stew. But there are some options that you won’t have tried yet, and maybe you should…

Iced Water

It might not feel right but, as it happens, that’s the point! A quick glass of ice-cold water has been proven to shock your body into raising its core temperature. Warm drinks and hot food would be most people’s preference on a chilly evening, but they actually have the opposite effect, cooling your body down to counteract the heat it’s just taken in.

Give it a go, you’ll be surprised!


Packed with good fat, protein and tons of energy, nuts are a healthy snacker’s go-to any time of year. But in winter peanuts are an especially wise choice! Rich in the vitamin B3, peanuts help kick start your metabolism and promote blood flow, both essential when fending off the cold.


Another sure way to get your blood flowing is fresh ginger. It doesn’t sound all that appetizing on its own, but raw root ginger does the trick much better than when cooked up in a curry or a soup. If that doesn’t take your fancy (and how could it?), you’ll be glad to know that other root vegetables like carrots are nearly as good.

A healthy blood flow is vital to keeping your vulnerable extremities warm when you’re exposed.

Chilli Peppers

Feeling chilli? The fiery heat we’re all familiar with comes from a chemical called capsaicin, found in peppers like cayenne, jalapeno or habaneros. But it doesn’t stop at spice! Capsaicin’s other effect is to widen your blood vessels, allowing a better flow to those extremities, all the better to keep you warm!

Brown Rice

Like flour, refined rice is very easy to turn into simple carbs, quick sugar highs and just-as-speedy sugar lows… Complex carbohydrates, though, like brown rice and wholegrain pastas, break down slowly, meaning a trickle of energy and (that’s right) heat to get you through the long dark winter evenings… or at least until dessert.


It’s true, a steamy cup of coffee’s bound to warm you up… but not because it’s steamy. In fact, an iced coffee’s a better choice if you’re feeling the chill.

Not only can caffeine provide your brain with just the kick it’s after, coffee is also a great way to stimulate metabolism. This, again, encourages your body to burn more fuel, generating heat!