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The Birmingham Mail: Real Meals…

“After filling in the online consultation form, giving details of my weight, height, age, activity levels and dietary preferences, a plan of 1600 calories a day was recommended. I decided to try the Low GI diet, designed to banish cravings and keep me fuller for longer, the Flat Belly and the Low-Sugar plans. The food was cooked and prepared fresh and arrived twice a week beautifully packed in temperature-controlled hampers and all clearly labelled.

The menus were varied with a great mix of fish, meat and fresh fruit and veg, so I didn’t have to worry about my five-a-day. Dishes included hummus, salads, turkey meatloaf, salmon, cottage pie and even pasta, and all three plans had yummy home-made desserts and sweet snacking treats. The portions looked small when I first saw them, but I was surprised by how full I felt and, after countless fad diets, it was refreshing to be eating ‘real’ meals even though I was on a calorie-controlled plan. Bodychef’s not the cheapest diet around, but it’s certainly one of the healthiest and is stress free, as I didn’t have to worry about shopping or calorie monitoring. The meals were very tasty, too – and I managed to lose 2lb a week.”