The Times: ‘The Jury’ reviews Bodychef

This package is good value for money: the price for food is similar to what I often end up spending once i’ve factored in a trip to Pret A Manger and going out for dinner. The twice weekly deliveries mean it’s more eco than daily drop-offs. You receive very detailed instructions about what you’re supposed to eat and when (breakfast cereals are measured out, as are the correct quantities of rice/couscous or whatever is on the menu that day).

We tested the Mediterranean option, so lots of slow-cooked tomato-based dishes, or stuffed lamb/chicken. The food was delicious and tasted home-made. Unlike with other food-delivery services, the portions were a little heartier, yet the required pounds were still lost. A great idea for anyone who wants to kick-start healthy eating habits, lose weight, or treat themselves to good food when they are working too hard to do anything about it.