Time To Step Off The Sad Step?

In any weight loss journey, bathroom scales are a helpful tool to track progress and keep you motivated. But too much attention to the dial can be damaging, trapping you in a dangerous yo-yo dieting cycle.

Here at Bodychef, we know that stepping on the scales can be scary. Everybody wants to know they’re on the right track, but it’s easy to become discouraged if the needle doesn’t budge as quickly as you’d like. Unfortunately, too many people end up disillusioned when they weigh in daily, and even the more patient among us can give up.

We caught up with Amie Richmond, a weight loss expert and nutritionist, to get her take on the ‘Sad Step’ and to hear her top tricks to put an end to yo-yo dieting:

Be Realistic

Give yourself a realistic weight loss goal to aim for, an event even. Maybe it’s a wedding, a big birthday coming up or holiday… whatever you chose, give yourself plenty of time so you don’t feel too much pressure.

Ditch The Dial

Stop watching the dial on those bathroom scales. It’s best not to obsess over one weight reading as weight can go up and down during the day for many reasons that are completely unrelated to your weight loss.

Amie says: Don’t get bogged down by numbers, they can be helpful but they can also be distracting. For females, body shaming is all too familiar and we want to help make a stand and say that’s not ok. Don’t stop living life just because of the scales. Do what you can, Bodychef is a great comrade for this, and get out there!

Be Patient

Don’t expect your weight to fall off! Acknowledge that a plateau (where your weight doesn’t budge for a few days or weeks) is a normal part of losing weight, however annoying it is! A good dose of patience is essential!

Stay Positive

Even if you don’t weigh yourself every other minute, it’s important to keep track of your weight loss journey. Taking note of the important changes you go through can be a great way to stay motivated! Feeling great? Clothes fit easier? Look good? Have bags of energy? Never miss a chance to acknowledge why and to congratulate yourself!