Women’s Fitness: Low Carb diet

The easy way to do low-carb diets – have them delivered!
From Atkins to Paleo and everything in between, low-carb diets have been around for years. At the first mention of a dietary makeover, we are often put off by the thought of getting to grips with strange ingredients and new ways of cooking. If this sounds like you, why not try a diet delivery service? The busy woman’s answer to the ‘I just don’t have time’ issue, these no fuss service deliver diet-approved dinners straight to your door!

Dukan diet from Bodychef – £19.50 per day at bodychef.com
The popular Dukan diet is now available from delivery service, bodychef. At £19.50 a day, it’s pricey but a good short term option if you’re looking for a quick weight loss boost.