Women’s Own: Dial-a-diet

With a choice of four different plans, including Vegetarian, Skinny B (modelled on the best selling Skinny Bitch book which Victoria Beckham was spotted reading at the airport), Premier and Low GI, you’ll find freshly cooked and varied, natural meals.

Bodychef Vegetarian

“I was very impressed. Some people might not like having their food delivered to them, but I loved it. I didn’t lose much weight on the trial but if you eat a lot of bad foods or have trouble with portion control, this will definitely suit you.” – Claire Spreadbury

Bodychef Premier

“Unlike other diets i’ve tried, I didn’t get that rumbling feeling in my stomach between meals. You’re not deprived of any type of food, which means you don’t obsess about it. You’re even allowed a delicious dessert each night.” – Susan Griffin

Bodychef Low GU

Typical meals included muesli with yoghurt or fruit salad for breakfast, followed by a wholemeal pitta with tuna for lunch and barbequed chicken for dinner. I still got cravings for chocolate and wine though, which got me in the end, but it did teach me that my portion sizes are too large and it helped me lose a few pounds.” – Jenny Eastwood

Bodychef Skinny B

The meat, wheat and dairy free meals, including vegetable curry, chick pea salad and cashew nut pilaf, were delicious, filling and nutritious. It felt like a good detox, and it was definitely good for losing weight fast. I thought i’d love not having to cook and it was nice for a while, but in the end I couldn’t wait to get back to my familiar food routine.” – Xenia Gregoriadis