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Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet has spread across the world with its simplistic approach to dieting. Not only does the diet help you lose weight, but it improves your metabolism too. At Bodychef, we can deliver a Dukan diet plan straight to your door.

Originating from France, the Dukan diet features a four-stage plan to get your body into a fit state and allows you to eat what you want by the end of it. At the end stage, the stabilisation part, you will just have to follow a few rules such as; protein once a week and committing to ‘taking the stairs’.

The Dukan diet will teach you the importance of calorie balance when combined with exercise. The more you eat, the more you need to move is the guiding principle. At Bodychef, we can provide you with diet plans to make sure you obey the guidelines.

We have two stages of the Dukan diet for you in a diet plan. The ‘Attack’ phase is a protein high intense alteration, designed to make big change. The ‘Cruise’ phase features a more relaxed approach to settle your body after the Attack phase. This provides you with a stable and healthy diet.