Kicking The Sweet Stuff

From doctors and dentists to dietitians and disc-jockeys, everybody’s talking about Low Sugar. Kicking the sweet stuff is all the rage and, here at Bodychef, we’re keen to help you discover the benefits yourself.

So why give it up?

For the weight loss.

Pound for pound, sugar’s far higher in calories than most food.
That means you cut back every time you reach for sugar-free
alternatives, even if you eat the same amount of food.

For your skin.

Sugar’s an inflammatory, known to exacerbate bad skin and acne.
Giving it up can take effect quickly and works out far
less expensive than snazzy concealer!

For your mood.

Blood sugar peaks and troughs govern most of our daily mood swings.
A sugar high might feel like a boost, but it’ll leave you lower when it passes…
and they only last a few minutes! Without added sugar,
you often find your mood improves for good on its own.

For your sleep.

Feel sluggish at midday? Sugar triggers hormones that interfere with your sleep cycle,
throwing it off. Kicking the sweet stuff leaves most people feeling more alert
during the day and better prepared to sleep at bedtime!

For your memory.

Studies show that you’ll be sharper without sugar!
With more sleep and a better mood, the accumulated benefits are proven
to have a long-term impact on a dieter’s brain function; who knew?

How Easy Is It?

The bitter truth is that sugar is everywhere! Baked beans, flavoured yogurt, salad dressing, tinned tomatoes – you name it! Even apparently ‘healthy’ foods (like cereal bars) sometimes sneak in something sweet to boost the flavour…

That’s why fresh makes all the difference! The best first step is to make sure all your meals or snacks are freshly cooked. That way you’ll keep on getting all the flavour of delicious, healthy food, without packing your diet with sugars and preservatives!

Bodychef’s Low Sugar Diet is free from refined sugar, freshly made for you, and even recommended in the Daily Mail for easing you inand eliminating those pesky peaks and troughs in blood sugar levels. We’ve hundreds of meals to choose from and you can swap ingredients that aren’t your cup of tea… That means no cooking, shopping or calorie counting – it’s like having a personal chef!

Most people trying to go without sugar fall off the wagon when they slip-up somewhere by accident. But with all your meals, snacks and even desserts delivered to your door, you’ll stick to it like thick treacle!