The Telegraph Review Bodychef

‘You could shed a dress size in two weeks if that’s your aim, but the five-day Mediterranean plan…is my favourite.’

‘Imagine the heaven of handing over all decisions and dilemmas to some else: someone nutritionally informed, who didn’t keep a detailed log of your car mileage and had your best interests at heart.’

‘We’d all be food saints, wouldn’t we? With boundless energy, glowing skin and the vital statistics of Alessandra Ambrosio.’

Celia Walden tried and tested our diet plans, in the hopes of finding something she liked, and we succeeded. Have a look to see what she said about Bodychef and our delicious diet plans in The Telegraph Magazine below.

Or, have a look at the Mediterranean Diet Plan that Celia Walden tried out. It’s got the fresh tastes of those delicious Mediterranean meals, with balanced nutrition to help you slim down!